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Galaxy in Conflict is a procedurally generated sandbox RPG with a space setting, it has been under development in various forms for the past 3 years by me and includes Multiplayer Co-Op. I started creating G.I.C. when I noticed the lack of Multiplayer Co-op in Mount&Blade and from there I set out to create a similar game with Multiplayer Co-op support, it has been a long, slow and lonely road. But I finally have a skeleton of the game which is playable, I want to use the game in its current form to source funds to accelerate development and hire some artists to help me create new and better graphics for the G.I.C.

In its current form the game finally has the needed bare bones systems in place - and these systems will be expanded and improved upon in the future, with new systems also in the works like modding support w/ lua.

Install instructions

Unzip the archive once it has been downloaded, when it's done extracting launch Galaxy In Conflict.exe 


G.I.C. Windows.zip 67 MB

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